Sherry Hart

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Keen scuba diver and lover of all flora and fauna on land, sea, air or freshwater.
I am currently working as a Koura (Freshwater crayfish) hatchery assistant for Ernslaw One Ltds, Keewai hatchery in Naseby.
Koura (Southern) Paranephrops zealandicus : kōura, kēwai,

Special interests:
Koura, Marine biology\species, sharks, nudibranch, kelp, endemic species.

NOTE: Please be courteous and ask first before sharing any photos of observations from this page, the answer is usually a resounding yes (it's important to improve scientific knowledge) but I would like to be kept in the loop and know where it's going and any feedback. I can email extra info and photos too for better quality if needed.

Thanks :)

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