First Month Down! Two to go!

We are a third of the way through our Fall Fruits, Seeds and Nuts bioblitz! 157 observations from 99 species so far from 63 observers are included; 76 (48%) observations are still unconfirmed. We tend to look at spring flowers, and speaking from personal experience rarely look at the fruit which can be just (almost?) as colorful! Plenty of time to get out and add to your knowledge.

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First 30 days! - 865 species

The most species in the first 30 days of our Wolf Ridge projects! In 2019, we recorded 655 species by Sep 30. In 2022, we recorded 657 species by Sep 30. Wow! We are headed towards a higher total number of species for the year. Can we do it? That would be more than 2176 species by the end of August 2024.

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Summary Report: October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023

This is the first summary report of Urban Owls project that I created on July 8, 2023. My owling season, that is roughly based on the lifecycle of Great Horned Owl, usually ends on September 30 of current year and starts on October 1 of previous year. Therefore, I am writing this 2023 summary report for the period from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023 mainly based on all iNaturalist observations. However, my personal research from other online resources may also be included. The cov...

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Urban Mothing: Test #1 / Back of Balcony / High Position / Dry Season / Four Sessions

Test #1 Results:

This configuration seems to attract individuals at a somewhat slow rate, the slowest being about one individual per hour. The quantity attracted per session is about seven individuals on average. This does not reflect individual species, but rather the raw amount of total moths seen. Now when it comes down to the moths' identities, most of them consist of Tribe Phycitini. Some more rarer moths seen include: pearl moths, owlet moths, geometer moths, and others

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Updated instructions

I have updated instructions, available online at:

I hope to make a more user-friendly video within the next week or so and will link that when it's available.

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Журнал Польової практики 2023

  1. Види з простими листками:

1.1 яйцеподібними:
Galeopsis speciosa Жабрій Строкатий
Viburnum lantana Гордовина
Melissa officinalis Меліса Лікарська
Philadelphus inodorus
Ptelea trifoliata В'язовик (листочки складного трійчастого листка)
Arctium minus Лопух Малий
Lysimachia nummularia Вербозілля Лучне
Euonymus verrucosus Бруслина Бородавчаста
Viburnum lantana Гордовина
Arctium minus Лопух Малий (спостерігається гетерофілія)

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Portelet Crab survey - Sunday Ocotber 1st

Meet in the car park by Portelet Inn. for 13:15

Low: 0.7m at 15:12

Please dress appropriately for the weather and walking on uneven, wet and loose rocky ground (closed footwear). We will run through the methodology with you all when we are there, and please ask any questions as we go.

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    We gladly show you the fascinating plant and animal world of the Succulent Karoo on a scenic drive through Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park.

    The mountain bike trails in the Aus Mountains are a mountain biker’s paradise.

    If you want to explore the flora and fauna of the Succulent Karoo desert on your own you have six different hiking trails to choose from.

  • more details at

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Naturplejedag ved laden

Idag har et stort hold af friske frivillige lavet naturpleje vest for laden.
I løbet af nogle somre har tilgroning med brombær, hindbær pil og birk taget til i det ellers åbne areal ved det eksisterende sommerhus, vi kalder laden.

Vi har meget skovbund på vores areal, men ikke så meget, der kan kaldes skovlysning, og den biotop, vil vi gerne fremme.

Der blev gået godt til den med optrækker-grej og spader.
En lidt tyndet bræmme af pil og birk blev efterladt ud mod...

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October Native Plant Month - Contest Annoucement

Contest Runs 10/07 through 10/31

Since we started in May 2019, we have 26 Observers, 2564 Native Plant observations. This project is a way to track the diversity of Native plants in our area.

Help us kick off Native Plant Month in October - Collier County & City of Naples have signed proclamations supporting October as Florida Native Plant Month and we want to increase awareness and continue to contribute to the research community.

WANTED More Observers &...

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Summary of count on 9/21/2023

8 species seen:

  • Acmon Blue
  • Common Buckeye
  • Common Ringlet
  • Field Crescent
  • Lorquin's Admiral
  • Mylitta Crescent
  • Umber Skipper
  • Woodland Skipper

4 species In-transect:

  • Acmon Blue - 12
  • Common Buckeye - 7
  • Common Ringlet - 22
  • Woodland Skipper - 18

59 in-transect individuals. By transect:

  • Woodla...

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Day 2 - EuroBioBlitz 2023. Some of our favourite finds so far!

What an incredible second day of EuroBioBlitz 2023 we are having!

Such a diverse array of records we’re seeing across the continent - with more to come as people continue to upload their records across Europe into the evening and over coming days!

As with yesterday, we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and to share some of our favourite records, and to highlight the incredible biodiversity that you have been recording over these past 2 days.

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Hallazgos y noticias

Los invitamos a ver el blog que preparó el equipo de Inaturalist. En el vienen noticias de aplicación de Inat en los siguientes campos:
Estudio de especies excoticas e invasoras.
Efectos del cambio climático en especies
Descubrimiento de nuevas especies
Conservación y monitoreso de daños a tortugas y el estudio de lobas en la Bahía Hudson
El impacto de inaturalist en la salud humana y en la Educación
Y remata con registros en las noticias.
Excelente trabajo

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End of September

I am at 604 species identified in the prairie.

Yesterday I identified a Queen (Danaus gilippus) and also saw another Great Purple Hairstreak (Atlides halesus). A first time for the Queen and a second for the Great Purple Hairstreak. Both were found on Bidens.

The plants blooming right now are Bidens (lots of bees and flies) and boneset (Lots of wasp and bees). Goldenrods are starting to bloom also. Still very dry and hot mid 90's.

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BioBlitz Last Day!

We will be at the Brewer Pavilion in Moon Park until Noon today. Stop by for a snack, kid's crafts, nature information, information about the Pollinator Pathway and the Moon Garden Club!

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Sept insect survey night.

Thanks to Tony and Daniel for bringing the moth sheet and light so that we may observe a whole range of species. It was a warm night, a little windy but we managed to get some good shots of the moths that visited. Thankyou to everyone who came down and showed interest. Its time to start logging those observations.

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BioBlitz at the Dark Sky Observatory this afternoon

Hi all,

it looks like perfect weather out there today for some more weekend BioBlitzing! We will have the gate open and some activities planned at the Dark Sky Observatory from 1-4 PM today. We can stay until it gets dark so if you arrive late that's ok. Just stop by whenever it is convenient for you within the open gate time frame this afternoon. Drive all the way up the road to the main building for parking, or park anywhere along the side of the road (please make sure you are ...

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Bioblitz, 27 September

A fantastic first mini-blitz of the project! 25 CAWS members came on a walk with us, and we saw some fantastic wildlife. Highlights included a gorgeous caterpillar of a Spectacle moth, a Hornet Hoverfly (Volucella zonaria) that everyone got to see, and the brilliantly named Blue Long-horned Snailkiller Fly. We also recorded a good diversity of Spider genuses, plenty of flowering plants and some fascinating galls, such as the Six Button Spangle-Gall Wasp. Overall a fantastic day out with ...

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My Blog

Hi everyone! Please feel free to check out my blog!

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Запись лекции Олега Костерина «При царе Горохе: ареал, местообитания и популяции дикого гороха»

Онлайн-лекция «При царе Горохе: ареал, местообитания и популяции дикого гороха» в рамках Лектория «Флоры России» доступна в записи. Эта и следующие лекции будут лежать в отдельном плейлисте.


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28-30 September 2023 trip to Central West NSW

I planned a trip to the Central West to attend this event near Garema: Loam's Soil Carbon Field Day - soil carbon projects for cropping and mixed farms🌱. My parents came along because they wanted to see spring flowers, especially canola.

Here are the observations I took during the trip, and I was surprised to see so many adult Amegilla sp. in Orange.

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111 тысяч сообщений


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iNaturalist September News Highlights

Here are our favorite stories from September 2023 highlighting the iNaturalist community and impact. Thank you for making all this possible!

iNaturalist’s Science Impact

Yesterday, @thebeachcomber appeared in this Sky News clip and ...

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Why do all ungulates not simply share a single walking gait?

(writing in progress)

Ungulates are defined by their feet, which bear hooves. Given this pedal specialisation, one might expect all ungulates to walk with similar gaits.

But this is not the case.

In this Post, I classify, illustrate, and explain the walking gaits of ungulates, which vary considerably and in ways related to habitats and niches.

We can begin by referring to the most relatable of non-ungulate mammals, similar in body size to fairly small ungu...

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Green Brittlegill

The Green Brittlegill, or Green Russula, is a type of fungi found in Southeast Alaska and other northern temperate regions such as Britain and Ireland. (O'Reilly) It is often confused with the Russula virescens, which is also sometimes known as the Green Russula since it is part of the Russulaceae family and is green. This Green Brittlegill is, as I mentioned, part of the Russulaceae family, which is a family of fungi known for encompassing almost 2000 species of fungi (Russula). Usually...

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Forest near campus

It was a very nice day and a good way to catch a break from all the school stress. I saw many things that you would expect in a forest. I am particulary proud of the picture of the bird because I was hearing birds all the time but could never see them so i actually had to walk around for 15 min just for a bird picture. I also saw a bird nest.
I also got a picture of a squirl that took be 5 tries because it would run away as soon as it spotted me and unfortunally tehy are a lot quick...

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Muchas gracias a todos los que me ayudaron con sus coordenadas. Esta es una versión preliminar del proyecto. Actualmente estoy haciendo una revisión de las especies y algunas serán removidas y otras más serán añadidas. Cuando se vaya a hacer este cambio en el proyecto les avisaré por este medio.

¡Saludos cordiales a todos!

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Identifier Profile: @eijimyorin

This is the nineteenth entry in an ongoing monthly (or almost monthly!) series profiling the amazing identifiers of iNaturalist.

The other week, I chose @eijimyorin’...

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Thank you!

Dear Biodiversity Day Challenge Participants and California Biodiversity Enthusiasts,

Thank you all so much for participating in California Biodiversity Week, 2023! Over 200 people participated in the Biodiversity Day nature challenge this year and submitted over TWELVE THOUSAND observations, identifying over TWO THOUSAND species in California! Scroll to the bottom of this post to see an infographic highlighting fun and interesting finds from around the state during biodiversity ...

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