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October 01, 2023

Heteralonia (Acrodisca) umbrosa (Loew, 1860)

Wings intensly infuscated dark blackish brown throughout, with a violaceous tint and with the clearer areas or streaks in the cells faint, the infuscations along the veins thus not conspicuous and spots not conspicuously evident.
Scaling on abdomen above composed mostly of black ones discally and along lateral margins and conspicuous, dense, snow-white ones in very broadly interrupted transverse bands, which are more or less partially complete only across base of tergite 2 and across 6 and 7.

Description by Loew:

Illustration of wing, fig. 36:

Description by Hesse:

Distribution: Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa (Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga), Tanzania, Zimbabwe

iNat observations:

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October 23, 2023

Paratoxophora cuthbersoni Engel, 1936

A monotypic genus, recorded from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

Superficially similar to the cosmopolitan Toxophora, but body not entirely covered with scales/pile like in that genus and not as humpbacked.

Costa orange infuscate, rest of wing hyaline. Halteres orange-yellowish. Abdominal pattern like that of Lomatia in the largely bare, shiny black tergites with pale yellow bands on the edges. Tergites 2 and 4 possess long white pile on the margin except at the center. Legs entirely black, with black bristles.

Original description in Occasional Papers of the Rhodesian Museum 1: no. 5, pages 39-41 (PDF available upon request).

One observation on iNaturalist so far, from Mpumalanga, South Africa: Link

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