If while looking through observations, you find one that you like, or that enthrals you, or that surprizes or amazes you, Please VOTE for it.
To vote, look for the FAVE button. It is a star just under the map on the top right of every observation. Just click on the star to record your vote.

If while making identifications, you see an eligable observation, please VOTE for it.
The Fave button is at the bottom of the left hand picture panel, in the middle, to the left of the "captive" and "review" buttons. Just click it it to record your vote.

The observations with the most votes, will go into the final selection for the observation of southern African CNC23. Similarly, many cities will be running competitions for the best photos, so remember to help by voting for the best.

What makes a great Observation?

  • A stunning picture - for whatever reason
  • Something unusual - a species, a behaviour, a situation
  • An interesting story or circumstance - an interaction perhaps
  • Something that amazes you: for its beauty (or ugliness), its majesty (or plainess), its inspiration (or dread).
  • Just because you like it!

It is entirely up to you. If enough people feel the same it might be the observation of the 2023 City Nature Challenge.

Posted on April 28, 2023 11:29 AM by tonyrebelo tonyrebelo


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