Fluorescing Mushrooms! - Observation of the Week, 3/21/23

Our Observation of the Week is this group of Hypholoma acutum mushrooms, seen in New Zealand (Aotearoa) by @kathyliuliu!

A resident of Fox Glacier, New Zealand (Weheka), Liu Yang has been hiking at the nearby Lake Matheson (Te Ara Kairaumati) and found over one hundred species of fungus on the trail in the past year. “It is just amazing to mushroom hunt here,” she says. “So much fun.”

Her friend Joseph Pallante told her that some fungi, including the native Hypholoma acutum mushrooms, fluoresce under UV light. “It is a New Zealand endemic fungus and quite common in the forest,” she says. “I found those ones on dead wood around sunset time. So I still have some light to balance the UV lights and the day lights.”

A cosmopolitan genus, Hypholoma is often found in clusters on dead wood and common species like sulphur tuft have a greenish tinge to the gills. Hypholoma acutum is said to be poisonous and have a bitter taste.

Yang (above) has been on iNat for just over two years and tells me:

After I take photos, I always want to know what I was photographed. So iNaturalist is quite a handy website for getting help from experts and learning the value of each species. It makes me more open-minded and definitely more interested in nature!

(Photo of Yang by Moto Ye. Some quotes have been lightly edited for clarity)

- Take a look more than 3k+ observations in the UV fluorescent organisms project!

- The $50 New Zealand banknote includes an image of the native blue pinkgill mushroom
(Entoloma hochstetteri, Werewere-kokako).

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Cool images that are half UV and half natural light! Thank you Yang!

Posted by susanhewitt 2 months ago (Flag)

Very cool shots! Love them!

Posted by ken-potter 2 months ago (Flag)

Amazing images! Keep up @kathyliuliu

Posted by sunnetchan 2 months ago (Flag)

might buy a black light

Posted by isaiahfindley 2 months ago (Flag)

Aotearoa is a cooler sounding name than new zealand

Posted by isaiahfindley 2 months ago (Flag)

Excellent shots! 👏

Posted by pallantejm 2 months ago (Flag)

Love this work! Such beautiful images!

Posted by seaheart88 2 months ago (Flag)

Beautiful work!

Posted by garyyankech 2 months ago (Flag)

So wonderful! I've seen mushrooms at Nelson Lakes, New Zealand, glowing under no light at all (pre-iNaturalist, so I have no idea what they were!). We have such an amazing selection of fungi here. Your photos are beautiful!

Posted by lisa_bennett 2 months ago (Flag)

Wonderous!!! You’ve perfectly captured the beauty of the natural world. 😯

Posted by metsa 2 months ago (Flag)

Wow! Awe-inspiring!

Posted by lapys_bee 2 months ago (Flag)


Posted by cicko 2 months ago (Flag)

Nice shots

Posted by karimhaddad 2 months ago (Flag)

Well done!

Posted by rwcrook 2 months ago (Flag)

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Posted by serenella 2 months ago (Flag)

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