A Thousand Cuts - Report

An extremely interesting read highlighting the dire plight of the 3 endangered black cockatoos and their habitat which is at increased threat of being destroyed by mining. In fact, mining is the No1 threat to destruction of their habitat.

WA’s peak environment and forest conservation groups have published this report to provide information and analysis regarding the impacts of bauxite mining in the Northern Jarrah Forests. The Northern Jarrah Forests are one of a handful of Australian ecosystems under particular threat of collapse due to climate change. They are highly diverse and home to an incredible number and variety of plants and animals as well as being vital to water quality and supply for the Perth metropolitan region and South West forests.
West Australians are increasingly concerned with the protection of this magnificent place. The report provides both an overview and high level of detail on the region and the threat posed by proposed mining expansions.
It will assist in advocacy, research and communication as we work towards the protection of the Northern
Jarrah Forests in secure conservation areas.


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