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Today, we start the fifth week of the iNaturalist World Tour. This week will take us to Japan in Asia, three countries in Latin America (Bolivia, Panama, and Peru), two in Europe (Czech Republic and Denmark), and Madagascar in Africa.

We start in Japan. @harumkoh is another example of a super observer-identifier who tops both the observer and identifier leaderboards in Japan. Most of their observations are around the Tokyo region. This is the center of activity for most of the top observers such as @belvedere04 @jeanvaljean @norio_nomura @tokue and @keitawatanabe. Outliers include @harazaki on Yakushima Island, @kuroshio near Fukuoka and @pcatlin around Kobi and Kochi - all south of the Tokyo area.

iNaturalist has been growing rapidly in Japan the last two years. There are April peaks that show the effect of City Nature Challenge Tokyo organized by @kobori and @souke. Many thanks to @sudachi and others for their hard work on Japanese translations.

As mentioned above, @harumkoh is the top identifier in addition to being the to observer. @housecrows and @maractwin are leading for plants and fish IDs. Many thanks to other top identifiers such as @yajapin @rajibmaulick @sudachi and @tokue.

What can we do to improve iNaturalist in Japan? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread

@harumkoh @harazaki @belvedere04 @jeanvaljean @kuroshio @housecrows @maractwin @yajapin @rajibmaulick @sudachi

We’ll be back tomorrow with Bolivia!

Posted on July 22, 2019 07:53 PM by loarie loarie


For anyone interested in underwater photography, make sure you check out @harazaki's observations. Some stunning photos!

Posted by mtank almost 5 years ago

harazaki's observations - quite spectacular!

Posted by tonyrebelo almost 5 years ago

Why are there observers shown in Korea?

Posted by carolinashepherd almost 5 years ago

the figure takes the top 50 observers from Japan and then locates their icon at the centroid of their observations in the bounding box around Japan. I use the bounding box instead of the country boundary to calculate the centroid just to make the computation a little faster. So icons in Korea mean that they had enough observations over there to pull their centroid over to that part of the bounding box

Posted by loarie almost 5 years ago

For those interested, here is a journal write-up of a naturalizing during long layovers at Narita: https://www.inaturalist.org/journal/muir/9884-layover-mostly-birding-in-narita-japan

Posted by muir almost 5 years ago

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