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Master Biologie des Organismes, Chargé d'études Naturaliste Fauniste
Cocheur (on a tous des vices :D ), amateur en Ornithologie et Herpétologie, passionné par la zoologie en particulier par les tétrapodes non mammifères.
Domaines de compétences d'identification plutôt tournés vers l'Ornitho et l'Herpéto du WP mais je tente de m'améliorer sur tous les taxons.

EN : MsC in Organisms biology and Environnement, french birder and herper, passionate about zoology, more specifically about non mammal tetrapods.
Better at IDing on Ornitho and Herpeto of the Western Palaearctic but I am trying to improve on all taxa all around the world.
I have a Panasonic Lumix G9, a Panasonic Leica 100-400mm and a Olympus 60mm Macro to take my photos, but sometimes there will be some crappy pictures from my phone.
Discord iNaturalist :
I'm not a specialist of anything but I try to improve myself to every aspect of Zoology. If I make a mistake on an identification, don't hesitate to tag me, I'll change what I've done.

Presence on other websites :

I took the habit to tag the main identifiers of each families whose are concerned by my observations, but if it bothers you, tell me and I'll stop tagging you :)


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