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Hi, I‘ m born 1983 and since early childhood interested in biology, especially dinosaurs! The,,terrible lizards“ brought me to the birds and then I just wanted too find out what lives around me! Turned out that „just“ was much more than I would ever imagine! The taxonomic definition became kind of a addiction! To document and to save observations I started nature-photography what is my main time-consumer! Trying still to learn as much as possible about birds, insects, spiders, plants, mushrooms etc.etc.! I wish everybody the best and the most luck in their obs as long as they respect the environment! Even if you think you need to get that picture......step back and think!!!! every step kills! naturalists should be smart enough to understand that! So, please, no nest-pics, no cutting of, catching and so on! Humans are the most destructive force on this planet and they will stay that way! Sounds like radical-green!??? You bet!!!!✌🏼

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