Andrée Weigel

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... it's about a love story to a pink grasshopper lady, which appeared in my garden a few years ago. This irresistible little creature, which shared ''her life'' with me for some weeks, changed my way to watch and to approach insects. Until there, my pathes had crossed different kinds of plastic arts, and so I also had started with macrophotography, when I discovered this pink, charming eyecatcher. To my great surprise and joy, the "Pink Lady", as I called her, had six pink descendants the following season, which gave me the possibility to discover much more about grasshoppers. I could observe that all of them have own characters, and in some way they all were different personalities. It may not be the opinion of a scientific study, but my artistic way of perception convinced me that grasshoppers have feelings, so as all other kinds of insects.
Following the Pink Lady made me feel more than ever, being myself nothing less and nothing more than a part of nature, and of course this experience changed my relationship to nature in general. I wrote down the stories of the pink grasshoppers in my garden, and by this way it was possible for me to merge all kinds of arts with my feelings for them.
More than ever I'm curious to discover and to understand nature, and to learn from it.

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