Pedro Beja

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Deputy Director at CIBIO-Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources ( Conservation biologist interested in the natural and anthropogenic drivers of biodiversity change in human-dominated landscapes, including agricultural, forest and freshwater social-ecological systems. Strongly interested in the actual application of conservation science, with practical experience involving a range of conservation projects, species reintroduction, creation of protected areas, land planning for biodiversity, impact assessment and mitigation, ecological assessment and monitoring and corporate biodiversity. Author of >160 publications in international journals and edited books (, and supervisor of > 20 PhD students. My publication record and research interests are described in and

Although a professional biologist, using iNaturalist turns me into a Citizen Scientist interested in the observation and recording of biodiversity as a whole, as a modest contribution to increase information on species distributions and natural history. I'm particularly interested in species recording when I have the opportunity to travel to less known regions, either professionally or on holyday.

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