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My main interests are bats, Lepidoptera, UK orchids, reptiles & geology.

I've been a conservation volunteer for the Wildlife Trusts (BBOWT, DWT), RSPB, Bat Conservation & Butterfly helping to manage and warden nature reserves and protect rare species. Since the late 1980's I've been involved with two large meadow creation / restoration projects.
My records are submitted to Devon Biological Records Centre, NHM & various UK wildlife charities.

All "obscured" observations are from my woodland and meadows within the Parish of Hartland (North Devon) that have been managed for wildlife since 2012.
In 2023 I'm trying to identify as many species as possible within the North Devon AONB as part of "Finding Nature's Footprints" Project to highlight which species are present locally. To date I've recorded over 900 species with a further 100-200 that couldn't be identified to species level.

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