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June 04, 2023

23-25 June 2023 @ Timberlake Biological Field Station

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Please join us for a June Bioblitz at Timberlake Field Station--June 23-25. Attendees may begin arriving at 2 pm Friday or anytime thereafter. We'll depart after lunch Sunday.

Upon arrival and before exploring, sign a release form at the pavilion.

The original cabin (with AC and restrooms) is available and has four rooms beds. In addition there are two new bunkhouses (with AC and toilet). There's lots of room to pitch a tent, or car camp, near the restroom and shower facility. No need to make reservation for cabin or bunkhouses--plenty of beds now.

Here's the link to detailed info about Timberlake (including directions):

Tarleton State University’s Timberlake Field Station is an educational and research facility located on the Colorado River in the heart of Texas--midway between Austin and Abilene. The 790 acre property has over 2 miles of Colorado river frontage and includes bottomland and upland habitats.

Timberlake iNaturalist Project:

Observations listed from least observed to most observed:

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