Marcelo Amores

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Homo sapiens, naturalist and environmentalist, mainly in ecosystems of the central Andes of Ecuador, above 3000
m.a.s.l., interested and passionate about everything in my natural environment.

First of all, I'm grateful that you help me to identtify my observations, and confirm or correct any of my identifications.

I'm the creator and administrator of several projects here at iNaturalist, including: Páramos Ecuador, ETP - Water quality bioindicators, Wild large mammals, World's worst invasive alien species, among others, related above all to the impact of human beings on biodiversity, bioindicators of environmental quality, biodiversity and endemism of the Páramo ecosystems.

Some of my observations are also made on video, these are grouped in the Video Observations project, and uploaded to my YouTube channel or my TikTok account (envinatu user). Also, I usually upload some of my most beautiful photos to my Instagram account. I also do my bird records at eBird.

In 2021 I made at least one observation every day. I hope to continue it during 2022, in fact, I recently hit a 500-day streak, and now I'm thinking about 1000.

Here you can see my research-grade observations and identifications in GBIF, and the map of observations identified by Me.

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