One square metre for biodiversity

How many wild plants and animals live in your garden?
To find the answer and to increase biodiversity in your location, you can do the following:
With stakes/poles and string, mark out in your garden an area of one square metre that you will not cut/mow this year (your plot). You can mark out multiple plots if you wish. These plots will allow the plants to grow and flowers to bloom, and the animals that live there to develop.

Check your plot regularly and upload a photo of your plant and animal observations (one at a time) to the iNaturalist app.

Check your plot regularly and enter your observations of plants and animals via iNaturalist, preferably with one photo at a time.

Important! You need to add your observations to the „Quadratmeter Biodiversitéit“ project.
It is best to save the location of your plot as a ‘pinned location’ with a specific name. Then you can link all your observations to this same location. If you have multiple plots then create a ‘pinned location’ for each one with a unique name.
In the guide "Quadratmeter Biodiversitéit " you will find some plant species that are often found in gardens.

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