Get Ready for the 2023 Nature Challenge!

Hi everyone,
The Nature Challenge is happening again this year on April 28 – May 1, 2023. The Nature Challenge is an international effort for people to find and document what lives in towns and cities across the globe. There are around 485 other towns and cities participating this year so it will be great to see what everyone finds!

I’ve tagged you in this post because you are a top observer on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We’re hoping you’ll participate in this year’s Nature Challenge. It is top iNat observers like you that will really help push us ahead in number of observations made and species recorded on Virginia's Eastern Shore. The easiest way to participate is to make as many iNaturalist observations of as many species as possible in Accomack and Northampton counties during April 28 – May 1. Helping with identifications will increase our final species numbers so that’s a great way to participate as well. You can find our City Nature Challenge: Eastern Shore project here:

The 2023 City Nature Challenge runs from 12:01am on Friday, 4/28 to 11:59pm on Monday, 5/1. All iNaturalist observations from Virginia's eastern shore (Accomack and Northampton counties) will automatically be counted. Results will be announced on Monday, May 8 so be sure to upload all your observations by then. For more information and for a list of events happening across Virginia area during this challenge, please visit our website at

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Posted by susanelliott 5 months ago

Oh I wish I could help, but I won't be down until later in the season unfortunately! Thank you for the invite!!!

Posted by dreadhorn 5 months ago

Sadly my employer is sending me to Florida that weekend, and I'm driving down, so I won't even be in one place to participate in any challenge. Thanks for tagging me, and I wish I could participate! Enjoy it!

Posted by ashley_bradford 5 months ago

I'm in! Planning on going to Northampton bayside for some exploration.

Posted by umamimomma 5 months ago

@umamimomma Awesome!

Posted by mduffy 5 months ago

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