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Retired rocket scientist who is being retrained in botany.
Volunteer at Denver Botanic Gardens Katherine Kalmbach Herbarium. I enjoy fieldwork and the challenge of plant ID.

My primary source for plant ID is "Flora of Colorado" by Jennifer Ackerfield. I also use the XID Database for Colorado ( Southwest Colorado Wildflowers is an amazing resource ( My "go-to" key for alpine plants is "Alpine Flower Finder" by Janet Wingate & Loraine Yeatts. I frequently consult SEINET ( and USDA Plants ( for location information. Taxonomy is very difficult for me - so many synonyms! I refer to GBIF ( for accepted names.

My husband and I have been scuba diving for 35 years in the Caribbean and Pacific. Underwater photography has made us better divers. I am starting to post some of my photos and could use help with IDs.

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