Thank you for a successful ReefBlitz 2022

Thank you to all the observers (25) and identifiers (98) for ReefBlitz 2022. Over an eight day period from 1-8 June made 1334 observations of 390 species with the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The number of observations greatly exceed previous ReefBlitz events. The observations had a geographical range from Cairns to Lady Elliot Island with the majority of observations from the Townsville region. The majority of observations were fish but there were also many other species. Several of the species were rare or had not been photographed or reported previously by iNaturalist.
The online training video was well received. Next steps we will prepare a summary report and poster. for stakeholders We will also consider a short note for a scientific publication and suggestions welcome.
We plan to organise future events associated with World Oceans Day in 2023 and happy to discuss opportunities for partnership or support.
Best fishes
Adam and the team

Posted by adam_smith3 adam_smith3, June 08, 2022 22:17


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