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August 04, 2022

final results for june Biodiversity Challenge bioblitz

Hi all;
The final results for the June bioblitz are now in. From June 9 - 12, we had a total of 3352 observations, of 861 species, by 151 different observers. That's a few more observations than the official count of observations and observers counts in my previous post, which were taken as of June 19 and used for the friendly competition with other municipalities. See that post for details of observations and observers. Metro Edmonton wins the final species count, with an official count of 841 species (according to the competition rules, 20 species from ebird that are not supported by photographs or sounds had to be excluded). Congratulations, everyone!
Whiteshell Park, MB, had the highest species count per capita (134 species; 0.00268 species per resident).
Edmonton had six "Super iNatters" - people who racked up 200+ observations, and/or 100+ species. Congratulations to @caterpillerlover with 434 observations of 250 species, @gpohl (that's me) with 523 observations of 244 species, @sedgeophile with 222 observations of 159 species, @jonelofson with 219 observations of 113 species, @rfdgrs with 125 observations of 105 species, and @whitemudwayne with 122 observations of 107 species. (note that "yegebird" is a collective account for casual ebird records, not an individual person).

We set up this project as part of a network of bioblitzes, across western Canada and northwestern USA. We hope to run spring, summer and fall bioblitzes every year. The next one is scheduled for Sept. 15-18, 2022.

Here's a small selection of some interesting metro Edmonton records:
who knew that we had cacti in the city limits?!? obs by @lysandra
a pretty unusual find of a slime mold by @millerj25
a cool sighting of a barred owl by @cmariah
the first iNat observation of a little metallic moth species, by me, that wasn't even described by scientists until 2 weeks after the bioblitz.
a really beautiful shot of a tortoise beetle by @bjean
a really nice taiga alpine, by @robertgbrown

a really nice shot of a four-spotted skimmer dragonfly, by @jonelofson

Greg Pohl - iNat user @gpohl
volunteer bioblitz coordinator

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August 21, 2022

Fall 2022 Biodiversity Challenge - Sept. 15-18

We're running another bioblitz, Sept. 15-18, to keep the iNaturalist momentum going. Pretty much the same rules as the June bioblitz - feel free to join the project and participate.
Greg Pohl

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