Geo-spatial analysis: We need your observations to make it happen!

Hi everyone,

Some more exciting news this week. Recently we have partnered up with Simon, an experienced ecologist, to do some geospatial analysis of our collated data, comparing sick bird locations with tree locations. We are thrilled to have Simon on board, bringing with him experience and expertise in conservation, geographical information systems and environmental data management. It is hoped this analysis will allow us to narrow down our toxic culprit.

Your observations of tree/plant locations will be used in this analysis! It is hoped Simon will begin working on this in the coming weeks, and with every observation counting to the dataset, our aim this week is to increase our observations to assist in the geospatial analysis.

Let us know what you see lorikeets feeding on in the coming weeks to give Simon the best chance with the geospatial analysis.

Keep safe, and Happy Rainbow Lorikeet spotting!

Kind regards,
Lauren, David, Maya

Posted by lozb97 lozb97, February 24, 2022 03:23


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