Butterfly Blitz 2022 updates

Hi CVC Butterfly Blitz 2022 project members,

We have a couple of quick updates.

(1) You’re invited to our second event of the year! On Saturday, June 25th from 10am-2pm, we will take part in a butterfly count at select CVC properties in the upper watershed. The data we collect is an official butterfly census and will be submitted to the North American Butterfly Association for publication in their annual report.

You can find more details and register for free at this link. Registration will close on June 21st at 12pm.

(2) You may have noticed that I will add an observation field of "insect life stage: adult" to your butterfly observations. There are a couple of reasons that I do this. I go through every observation added to the project—so that I can help add identifications, see what butterflies are being found, and to help choose the OOTW. Adding the life stage helps me to know that I’ve looked at the observation.

In addition, knowing the life stage of an observation can be very helpful for certain analyses. Adding the life stage as an observation field makes it easier to use when the data is downloaded from iNaturalist, compared to adding the life stage in the annotations section. This is why I may have added the life stage as an observation field even if you’ve already added it as an annotation.

As always, please reach out if you have questions.

The Butterfly Blitz team
Laura, Lindsey & Kristen

Posted by lltimms lltimms, June 14, 2022 13:13


Hello! Does it matter which site you go to on this day? Noticed there was no choice on registration. Thanks

Posted by greenookgladelh 4 months ago (Flag)

Hi @greenookgladelh - we will contact you by June 23rd to provide you with the details of your team assignment and meeting location. It depends on how many people sign up and what the mix of experience levels is.

Posted by lltimms 4 months ago (Flag)

Feel free to email me: laura.timms@cvc.ca if you have questions about a particular site.

Posted by lltimms 4 months ago (Flag)

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