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May 19, 2023

The results are in!

Thank you for being part of the 2023 City Nature Challenge. This was the Virginia's Eastern Shore second year participating and we surpassed all of our first year results!

We'd love to hear from you about your experience. Please fill out the brief survey (less than 5 minutes to complete) so we can gather your feedback and make next year's event better:</a

Eastern Shore Results
*589 observations made (a 34% increase from 2022)
*313 species identified (a 9% increase from 2022)
*31 observers (a 72% increase from 2022)

*Finished 10th out of 36 similar population-size places for number of research-grade observations
*Finished 7th out of 36 similar population-size places for number of species
*Finished 7th out of 36 similar population-size places for number of observers
*On average, each person made 19 observations
*46% of observations were research grade. This means 1,423 observations will contribute to scientific databased and help with scientific research.


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May 25, 2023

Feedback on Nature Challenge

Thank you again for all your help making observations and identifying species for the (City) Nature Challenge! If you haven't already, please take 2-minutes to answer these questions so we can gather your feedback and improve next year's challenge:

Interested in doing even more? If you want to get updates on local volunteer opportunities and events with The Nature Conservancy on the Eastern Shore, reach out to Jen Dalke, volunteer program manager at

We are looking for help with:
Oyster and Marsh Restoration |
Whimbrel Watch | tune in live today at 5 p.m.![0]=AZWXU9Tn1bo8nqB5Aw5md2hXQOc4xEBpV_LxnC8XZEhcxgvwsvBby5bMshtulMIyB6CfAPaV5naiI5bEQvyH7LUAR9pK48YxlUYmnRtKghlz8F7XDm5L2oYfhWccbizhLEi83dM84cZrg0cnbRcKxAt-YyA259FvNcSmB-wtOK5tX6LfJEcF7T3102Kw1hTzv-8&tn=-UK-R

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