It's time! The Challenge is now through Monday, 5/1. Eastern Shore

Help us win City Nature Challenge.

It's raining (a lot!), but we hope you'll get outside between the drops and make wildlife observations so we can top last year's Challenge numbers on the Eastern Shore.

Snap a photo in iNat of that worm on the sidewalk (it counts!) or that dandelion in your yard (it counts!) or the fly in your vehicle (it counts!).

Observations are slowly rolling in already and we hope to top last year's challenge numbers. Will you spread the word and help us?
• top 438 wildlife observations
• top 286 species
• top 18 people making observations

All iNaturalist observations from the Eastern Shore will automatically be counted in the Challenge. Results will be finalized on Monday, May 8 so be sure to upload all your observations by then.

Jen Dalke
Volunteer Program Manager, The Nature Conservancy

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