Pitfall traps, crawfish, stream water samples.

I've put out two traps, flush as I can with the ground, and with a log cover and a leaf cover supported by stones, with ethanol-water mixture inside. They are in locations with plenty of leaf litter and under small bushes, where there are going to be animals living on the ground.

I will update once I collect something from them; since they are double-cups, I can always remove a sample and replace a cup without digging the trap back out. They are pretty inconspicuous, so I don't expect them to be disturbed, except for rain or perhaps mice. The cups might be too small?? The bugs are quite small anyhow.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a sample from the water on the side channel back when it runs parallel the stream (or not).

Currently I have a sample form the stream proper and from an irrigation channel later down, past a sort of collection filter that removed a lot of debris. Was a crawfish in that channel too.

Posted by tchakamaura tchakamaura, November 07, 2021 09:18


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