Half a Million Strong!

Dear San Mateo iNat-ters - We just passed the 500,000 observation mark! Wow! Good work everyone! Note also that over 60% of our entries are at Research Grade. Incredible! Keep up the explorations!

Posted on November 04, 2021 06:27 AM by gyrrlfalcon gyrrlfalcon


A shout-out to the top twenty contributors! Thanks for doing some of the heavy lifting that made remarkable achievement possible! In addition to myself, the top twenty include -
@dpom @leslie_flint @sea-kangaroo @anudibranchmom @garth_harwood @cae1 @ross2 @chilipossum @temminicki @geodani @kestrel @rebeccafay @merav @ahaislip @charadrius @metsa @robberfly @birdbander @joseph103

I do this because when we reach other milestones it might be interesting to see how this list sifts out and changes over time.

Posted by gyrrlfalcon almost 2 years ago

And a shout-out to the top identifiers as well - I've learned a great deal from all of the folks listed here, and really appreciate all of their efforts:

Posted by iorek almost 2 years ago

Thanks for all you do, @gyrrlfalcon! I'll be in San Mateo County this afternoon, making more observations... :)

Posted by kestrel almost 2 years ago

I've learned so much about plants, odes, galls, fungi, and other taxa from this group. Thank you everyone for sharing your diversified knowledge. iNat has made me a much more alert observer while I'm out birding, even if bugs and mushrooms prove to be a major distraction while out and about. It's odd how your focus can change from movement and discreet sounds of birding to laser microfocus of staring at the ground for plants, insects, and fungi. Cheers!

Posted by geodani almost 2 years ago

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