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How to add common names to taxa tutorial
Remember when you add the common name, don’t forget to add the location. Of course, the common names you add must be official. Don’t add them at will.

If you encounter problems when adding new taxon, feel free to @me and please add the source of the name.

Cite Your Sources
We would like every change to be traced back to some publication or taxonomic authority. The ideal citation would be to the paper that introduced the change, along with a URL to that paper, but since that's often difficult or impossible to find without extensive library research, sourcing the change to a website or database is okay too. Since it's a pain to add a new Source record for every single page, it's often easier to set the Source as the website and include and specific URL to the page on that website that describes the change on the description. The goal is to ensure that anyone who wants to figure out why a particular change was made can trace it back. Keep in mind that the Encyclopedia of Life, Catalogue of Life and Wikipedia (as well as its sister sites such as Wikidata and Wikispecies etc) are not among of our taxonomic authorities!

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