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Periphoba campisi
“Holotypus, Periphoba campisi C. Mielke, Ciseski & Naumann des. 2020” “BRAZIL — Minas Gerais, São Roque de Minas, São José do Barreiro, Serra da Canastra [Nat. Park], Casca D’Anta, 900 m, 16. xi. 2017, C. Mielke & E. Joerke leg.”
Etymology: The new species is named in honour of Marcos Campis (Morro Agudo) in recognition of his friendship and for his efforts on photographing many Lepidoptera species in the Serra da Canastra. It is a noun in the genitive case derived from the personal name Campis. The gender of the name is masculine.

New Record of the Threatened Butterfly Drephalys mourei (Hesperiidae) in a Heavily Disturbed Area in Southeastern Brazil
In addition, the present record emphasizes the importance of citizen science in providing valuable data for biological conservation. As recently shown for other threatened butterfly species (Rhetus belphegor (Westwood, 1851), Kaminski et al. 2015), both scientists and amateurs can effectively contribute to the science by revealing new unknown populations of rare or threatened species of animals and plants (Theobald et al. 2015).

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