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June 01, 2022

Project Photo Credits

Cover Photo: @lappelbaum
Icon: @mercedes-fletcher

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June 23, 2022

Learning Experiences: A Collection of Observations

Here are some observations I made that I remember or would like to remember because I learned valuable information from learning them. This post will serve as a repository not only for myself but for anyone else who may stumble upon it and could learn along with me. Note that this post will be subject to change. The pursuit of knowledge is a continual process and I will surely make more observations of this nature going forward, which will be added here. Due to this, if this is of interest to you, perhaps check back here on occasion.

Bad-Wing Moth (You mean that's not an emerald?! Wow!)
Interesting wasp resting posture

Mystery Knotweed Virus
My first Land Planarian
Bryozoans are fascinating!

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