June 10, 2021

First Nature Walk 6/10/21

For my nature walk, I decided to walk a little path in the woods next to my house which lead to Tabor Lake. One thing I noticed while I was walking was there were several flies out. Some were attached to the various forms of fungi I came across, while others were attacking me relentlessly. I was curious as to why there were so many but I remembered there was a big storm in my area yesterday. I walked for around 35 minutes. It was pretty sunny out, however, the woods were very moist due to the rain the previous day. I first began to notice the lichen. It caught my eye because it was so evident, however it was not just growing on trees, but it was growing on rocks too. I was only noticing the lichen, so I decided to go deeper towards the lake and look more closely at my surroundings. This is when I began to notice the many types of fungi growing on trees, whether they were standing or had fallen down. Lastly, I noticed that there was a rock which appeared to have green fungi growing on the outer portion of the rock, with a white lichen circle in the middle. I found this the most interesting because I am now curious to research and try and find what it is. I used to visit this lake all the time when I was younger, but it is remarkable how there is so much diversity that I had overlooked.

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